Source Code updates

Feb 3, 2009 at 4:33 AM
Currently there is no releases, just source code.
For the latest checkins: 8199, here are the notes:

You will need to extract, '' to 'c:\rovio\'.  It contains all the .pcm (wav files 8000hz 8bit mono) for the 'TrainedRovio.vb' form to use.  It also is needed as a working directory for various Rovio functions for 'RovioController.vb'.  Feel free to change locations of things.

In addition, you can use 'username' 'password' if needed.  If they are not there, then you will need to turn off security for the Rovio.

Don't forget to change the IP address in the Rovio object (or change the default in code).

Have fun!

Feb 15, 2009 at 9:37 PM
This is a great code, im a newbie to vb but have been enjoying your code, trained rovio doesnt work well with firmware 5.0 stable and i find that the movement ticks are too short. I doubled the values for slide left and right, move forward and backwards, run and wander. Overall a great app. The only thing i can see missing is a code in trained rovio to send it back to charging base. Metlab is not an easy software to find being that its not freeware maybe intergrating with roborealm would be a better alternative to edge detection. roborealm has a great edge detection app plus movement and color tracking can be added.
Feb 16, 2009 at 3:15 AM
Actually, that is a great idea, I will have to look at roborealm, as I've read forum messages about it, but I tended to stick with the stuff I knew, like Matlab.  (We use Matlab exclusively for any sort of image processing in classes at the univeristy)

I tested this all with 4.10 firmware but there was too much static every time I accessed the microphone, so I had to revert back to 3.97.  I am probably doing something wrong with the RTSP or RTP and so I do have to revist that.  I am glad that 5.0 is out, and perhaps the static issue is gone!  I will see how stable 5.0 is in the next week and update the code and hopefully have another release out soon.

I am in the process of adding a few things all dealing with paths and the autonomous functions (like returning to home base).  Since my intention was have RovioWrap use computer-run programs to do the "intelligence" I resisted using the on-board Rovio intelligence, but I really should add that in for completeness.  I've really been meaning to add a goto(x,y) function since that would have a lot of application.  Since you mentioned the "return to base" function, I'll do that for the next code update.

Thank you for your information and feedback!  I really very much appreciate it!