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Project Description
RovioWrap is a .NET object that wraps the API for the Wowwee roving robot web-cam called "Rovio". RovioWrap provides the ability to access the status of the robot, giving movement commands, capturing pictures, text to speech, and playing WAV files. Developed in VB.NET.

In addition, I provide some simple code as examples. 'RovioController.vb' shows you how to use the object including simple obstacle avoidance code (Robot equivalent of "Hello World" program), interfacing with other programs like MatLab for image processing, and how to use the movement, sensors, and edit some settings like image capture resolution. A second form called 'TrainedRovio.vb' allows the user to talk to the Rovio. You can tell the robot to move, spin, speak, wander, sit up, and even attack! This shows how to do simple Microsoft speech recognition and have the Rovio perform the requested actions. Have fun with it and post if you like it or want more!

Hello, everyone! In the next few months I will be adding additional functionality to this RovioWrap class. Currently, I am only releasing the source code as I still want to make some major structural changes to the object and to the test project, but soon I will release a DLL for free use. Feel free to use the source code in your own projects as you see fit. I would certainly appreciate hearing from you if you do something cool or unusual, or have some neat code that I can add to the object.

RovioWrap and Speech Recognition in action
RovioWrap introduction and explanation
RovioWrap - Wander routine computer controlled
or just do a search in YouTube for RovioWrap

Caveat: I'm not sure if I uploaded all the files that are needed, but the three main files are RovioWrap.vb, RovioController.vb, and TrainedRovio.vb. Check out CodePlex's cool Source Code - Browse feature! You can download the entire project, but as I implied, it is in the midst of being restructured. Be sure to read the comments as well as create the 'c:\rovio\' working directory (unzip

I put together this object with a wrapper for the Rovio API in mind, but I started trolling message boards and found a lot of other cool things to do. So the object has evolved from just a wrapper to additional functionality. Some of this code I translated and enhanced from C++ or C code posted by various members on the RoboCommunity Forums and their credits are inline. (Shout out to "RoboSapienPet", "mt", and "Nocturnal")

Important Links
Rovio the Roving WebCam (and so much more!)
Rovio support page with Rovio Ver 1.2 API (Thank you Wowwee!)
RoboCommunity Forums
Scott Settembre - My Academic Homepage
University at Buffalo, CSE Department
Cognitive Robotics Seminar at UB

Quick Message and Disclaimer
Although I am very enthusiastic about Rovio, I am not affiliated with Wowwee at all. For a programmable robotic platform of this quality and this much polish to be sold at $150 to $250 (I got it at $150), is a hobbyist's dream come true. I've built many robots over the last 20 years, but this one is really the first one I hadn't had to mod at all and get something I could program right out of the box! Good job, Wowwee, I owe you one and look forward to use your other robots.

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